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People of the Water Park

Hello all!  

Here is a special summer post in honor of a recent trip to the local water park!  If you are lucky enough to go there, or to any water park, sometime soon, here are two fun scavenger hunts to keep you busy!  😉  Enjoy, and Happy Summer!


Each tattoo spotted is worth 1 point.  5 bonus points if you find a misspelled word OR if you spot 3 or more of the tattoos listed on one person.  I DO NOT recommend trying to take pictures as evidence – just use the honor system!  Whoever has the most points by the time you leave wins.  

  1. A skull
  2. A cartoon character
  3. Barbed wire
  4. A rose
  5. A woman’s name
  6. A Chinese character (Bonus point if you ask the person what it means, and they can actually tell you)
  7. A face tattoo
  8. A gun or knife
  9. A bible verse
  10. A butterfly
  11. A clock
  12. An eagle
  13. A sports team logo
  14. A whole back tattoo
  15. The infinity symbol
  16. A “tramp stamp”  (I’m told this is the name for a tattoo on the lower back, just above your bottom.)
  17. A Confederate flag
  18. A full sleeve tattoo
  19. A tribal tattoo
  20. A portrait of a loved one


Each item spotted is worth 1 point.  5 point bonus if you find multiple items on one person.  Again, put those cameras away, folks…No one wants to remember most of these anyway!  Whoever has the most points by the time you leave wins.  

  1. A coin slot (Tessa taught me this term for when your crack is showing!  Ha!)
  2. A used band aid
  3. A t-shirt worn as a bathing suit
  4. A mole the size of a dime or larger  (Bonus point for each hair growing out of it…but you’ll have to get close enough to count.)
  5. A booger  
  6. A REALLY bad tan line (Like…I’ve-been-mowing-grass-in-shorts-everyday-since-I-was-born bad)
  7. A hairball
  8. More than 5 tattoos on one body
  9. A saggy diaper
  10. More than 5 inches of cleavage on one body
  11. Someone picking a wedgie
  12. Bacne
  13. A belly button ring
  14. an ankle monitor
  15. A pregnant woman in a bikini  
  16. Someone sleeping
  17. Tweenagers in love
  18. A smiling lifeguard  (This one might be impossible….)
  19. A scar  (Bonus point if you can get the scoop on how they got it!)
  20. An obnoxiously loud child  (Bonus point if you witness him or her jumping on top of another swimmer)

Have fun!  Maybe I’ll see you there!

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