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We all have something to share!

By:  Chelsea Tornetto and Stephanie Martin

In his popular book, Teach Like a Pirate, Dave Burgess encourages teachers to share their passions from outside school with their students as a way to form stronger connections and build rapport.  It’s a great idea that the administrators in our middle school decided to put into practice during our spring testing this year.  During a block of time that needed filling anyway, they asked the teachers to create and teach mini-sessions about our own talents and hobbies, and our 6th and 7th graders would be allowed to choose several sessions to attend.  

The ideas from our colleagues were varied and interesting.  One teacher was going to teach a Crossfit class.  Another was going to show them how to code.  There was even a class on ping pong!  Thinking how much fun this was going to be, I started working on planning my own personal passion session.  (Wow…that sounds way dirtier than it did in my head.)  And, well…have you ever heard the saying:You don't know how boring you are until someone asks you what you like to do for fun.

Uh, yeah…Turns out I am pretty darn boring.  My friend Stephanie had the same dilemma, so we started brainstorming, and after a lot of thought, we realized…we do have some valuable expertise to share!  So much, in fact, we couldn’t choose just one topic.  Here are the options we are considering:

  1. The Art of Napping – Do homework assignments, sports practices, and the endless drama of middle school have you exhausted?  Need to recharge your batteries before you text your bestie?  Put the “power” back in your power naps with this course taught by two local napping experts.
  2. Take Me to Target:  Retail Therapy Techniques for Beginners – Get that endorphin rush you’ve been searching for by spending your allowance on things you don’t need!  We’ll show you how!
  3. Babysitting – Thinking about getting into the babysitting business?  Learn how to keep little ones happy by being their slaves.  Experienced moms will teach you to make multiple sippy cups because one is the wrong color, put on/take off socks 5 times because they are itchy, watch the same Bubble Guppies episode 42 times in a row, and pretend to be various barnyard animals.  Real children will be provided!  
  4. Sarcasm 101 – You’re almost a teenager! Time to learn the skills you will need to piss off your parents now and in the future.  This course covers everything from eye rolling to veiled insults.  
  5. Procrastinating on Pinterest – How to avoid your homework, chores, and all human interaction by disappearing into the time vortex of Pinterest!
  6. Lasso Your Remote Control – Young cowboys and cowgirls can learn how to lasso that remote control with everyday items so they never have to leave the couch.
  7. Make your own Pillows – Tired of finding cat and dog fur all over your home?  Don’t let it go to waste! Turn that tumbleweed tuft of fur into a cuddly creation!  (Not recommended for allergy sufferers.)
  8. Piling Possessions like a Pro – Do you have piles of stuff all over your room?Clothes, books, plates from the last six snacks you ate in bed?  Learn how to maximize that chair/dresser space and balance more crap than you ever imagined without it falling!
  9. Yo-Yo Dieting – Feel unhealthy pressure to conform to society’s idea of beauty?  Us too!  In this class we’ll share the thousands of diet plans we’ve tried and failed at over the years, and get you started on your own adventure in the world of unsuccessful weight loss!
  10. Dishwasher Tetris – Impress your parents with your mad dishwasher loading skills!  Learn how to pack in so many dishes that they come out still a bit crusty.  
  11. Styling Your Muffin Top:  Dressing for Comfort – Learn about the history of elastic — from grandma’s closet to a girl’s best friend, with a special segment on how to replace all your real pants with leggings.  Learn how to eat the muffins you love, while hiding the muffin you carry!

Our students have SO MUCH to learn from us! 😉

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