Life on a Learning Curve

As a teacher, at some point, it hits you.  You are NEVER going to be finished with school.

Kind of depressing, right? 

You know that great feeling most people get when they graduate from college, get their degree and know that they never have to step foot in a classroom EVER again?  Yeah…we don’t ever get that feeling.  When we graduate from college, we start our masters degrees, and even when we’ve finished that – we know that at the end of every summer we will head back to the classroom and another year of school.  (Sure, we might be the ones assigning the research papers, instead of writing them….but we are also the ones who have to grade them! And grading sucks…trust us.)

Mike and I are both teachers, but for us, like many of our colleagues, there are lots of upsides to this seemingly endless cycle of mid-quarters and misery.  

For example, it has helped us develop some very valuable character traits.  Patience?  Yup.  Persistence?  You bet.  The ability to hold our pee for a ridiculously long time?  Oh yes!  But  mainly, it has taught us that we are never done learning.  Whether it is a news story that gives us a deeper perspective on a current event, an entertaining encounter in the aisles at Walmart, or a parent-teacher conference that impacts our view of our own children – our brains are wired to look for lessons – and that makes life infinitely more interesting!

Being in education also reminds us daily that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously! No one has all the answers, and you can’t spend too long in education without learning to laugh at the insanity that is this job.  

In this blog, we hope to share some of those little life lessons – about school, parenting, and life in general – with anyone who’s willing to read along.   And to celebrate the fact that no matter who you are, or how much you think you’ve got this world figured out – we are all better off living life on a learning curve.